COVID19 Resources

A Note from Brian Egan, Karen Golden and Michael Garabedian:

Each of you have our prayers that you and your loved ones are spared from any health effects of this outbreak. This crisis is unique in our modern history, because it spares no one from the effects, whether they are social, mental, economic or physical.

Through the past days, we have worked with our clients to counsel them through the rebuilding and restarting of their businesses, navigating the new government regulations, and giving some structure to get their personal lives on a solid footing. We are confident, and you can be too, that our lawyers and professional staff will be here and work hard to help you through the rough water and successfully reach the other shore.

We take comfort knowing that in the history of our Firm, with its predecessor being founded in 1891, guided all its clients through the worst in modern history, from the Spanish influenza of 1918, 9/11, the 2008 financial crisis, and Hurricane Sandy. These were extraordinary and defining moments as New Yorkers, but we met each challenge with smarts, determination and guts.

The attached Alerts and News are collated and assembled for your use. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to lean on us for answers.

We will conquer this challenge, and emerge victorious. Together we shall see it through.



Brian, Karen & Michael.


The attorneys at Egan & Golden, LLP are advising clients on all aspects of the legal issues and implications of the COVID-19 pandemic including employment issues, business & finance, available economic relief, and the most up-to-date information from New York State and Federal Governments.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused extreme distress and uncertainty to businesses and individuals in the New York area, as well as the rest of the Country, and the attorneys from Egan & Golden, LLP stand by ready to assist our clients. In order for our clients to stay abreast of the most current information, we have created a Resource Center which we will continually update for your reference.

Our attorneys are available to assist you in dealing with these unprecedented times.

Trusts & Estates

NY Temporarily Allows Virtual Witnessing of Wills, Health Care Proxies and Powers of Attorney

Governor Cuomo issued Executive Order 202.14 temporarily allowing virtual witnessing of Wills, Health Care Proxies and the Gifting Rider to Powers of Attorney, until May 7, 2020. The order also extends the time allowing virtual notarizations of documents such as Deeds, Trusts and Powers of Attorney until May 7, 2020.  View the full guidance here: All documents must be signed before May 7, 2020 to be valid under the electronic notarization procedures.

The use of audio and video technology for virtual witnessing is allowed under these conditions:

  • The person requesting that his or her signature be witnessed, if not personally known to the witness(es), must present valid photo ID to the witness(es) during the video conference, not merely transmit it prior to or after;
  • The video conference must allow for direct interaction between the person and the witness(es), and the supervising attorney, if applicable (e.g. no pre-recorded videos of the person signing);
  • The witnesses must receive a legible copy of the signature page(s), which may be transmitted via fax or electronic means, on the same date that the pages are signed by the person;
  • The witness(es) may sign the transmitted copy of the signature page(s) and transmit the same back to the person; and
  • The witness(es) may repeat the witnessing of the original signature page(s) as of the date of execution provided the witness(es) receive such original signature pages together with the electronically witnessed copies within thirty days after the date of execution. (